Could Non-Exclusive Anime Licenses Work?

Back in early 2020, Funimation decided Interspecies Reviewers violated their standards. They halted their translation and removed the show from their streaming service.

Problem is, they have the exclusive license to it, so once streams of it started popping up on sites like PornHub, Funimation was empowered to take them down, effectively barring anyone from seeing it.

Which is to say: If Funimation can’t stream it, nobody can.

Why There Won’t Be Another Crunchyroll Story

Crunchyroll, currently the largest anime streaming service, started as a pirate streaming site. That’s well-understood. They started in 2006 and went legit in 2009, establishing themselves in the anime streaming market before such a market even existed. Since then, it’s seen competition from established services like Hulu and Netflix, as well as from other dedicated services like HIDIVE, Anime Strike, Daisuki, and others, with varying degrees of success.

How To Use Twitter Properly

For many, it seems Twitter (AniTwitter, especially) is not much more than a tool for repeatedly running game on themselves, and that’s depressing to see. Most people probably shouldn’t even be on Twitter. There’s no reason for it. Who cares about your thoughts? Nobody did until Twitter, and most people still have no reason to.

Unless you’re out to provide value for people.